Import data (Mac)

Keeping all your passwords in a single trusted application streamlines signing in to websites and applications as well as filling out online forms.

Kaspersky Password Manager supports importing logins and passwords from the latest versions of the following applications that were available when Kaspersky Password Manager was released: LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane, 1Password, and Norton Identity Safe 2014 (included in the latest version of Norton Security).

Important: You can only import data from a CSV file. Make sure to choose this format when exporting data from other applications.

Import passwords from a CSV file

For websites that already exist in your vault, accounts with new logins are added to the list of existing accounts. Accounts that have a matching login in the vault are not imported even if their passwords differ.

For websites that are not yet in Kaspersky Password Manager, import behavior depends on your version of the application. In the premium version, they are imported as active and are added to the list of existing websites. In the free version, they are imported as inactive. Inactive websites are displayed in the main application window below active ones. You can manually activate imported websites until you reach the free version's limitation.

Activate a website

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