Scan your computer for important documents

Kaspersky Password Manager helps save time and scans your device for files that may contain sensitive information. The application searches for JPEG, PNG, BMP and PDF files containing text. The files found during this search are analyzed and assign to categories: Passport (ID card), Driver License, and Bank Card. You can view the search results, choose which documents to add to your vault, and change the document categories.

Kaspersky Password Manager supports the following document categories:

During the search, Kaspersky Password Manager skips PDF files larger than 20 MB, images larger than 100 MB, and images with resolution less than 256x256 px or higher than 40 MP.

Kaspersky Password Manager optimize files before adding them in to your vault. Big files are compressed: the final size of a document in the vault is not more than 6 MB. PNG and BMP images are converted to JPEG format.

When a document is added to your vault, Kaspersky Password Manager reminds you to delete the original file from your device for security reasons. If you need documents from your vault, you can export them to your device at any time.

Scan your computer for important documents

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