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In the Automatic startup section, you can configure startup of Kaspersky Password Manager.

Start Kaspersky Password Manager at operating system startup

Prompt for main password when launching Kaspersky Password Manager automatically

The Main password section lets you change the main password for your vault.

Change main password

In the Security section, you can configure the Kaspersky Password Manager autolock interval.


Prompt to unlock the vault if a website has login and password fields

In the Data sync section, you can enable or disable automatic data synchronization across your devices.

Sync passwords and data across all your devices with Kaspersky Password Manager installed

In the Autosave and autofill section, you can enable or disable autosave and autofill for accounts, addresses, and bank cards. If autosave and autofill are enabled, Kaspersky Password Manager automatically saves information when you fill out an online form and then fills out online forms for you.

The My Kaspersky account section displays the email address used by Kaspersky Password Manager to connect to My Kaspersky. In this section, you can disconnect Kaspersky Password Manager from the My Kaspersky in order to connect the application to the website using a different account.

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