Kaspersky Password Manager extension

The Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to install extensions for your browsers in order to automatize online forms completing. If the Kaspersky Password Manager extension is installed, the icon is displayed in the browser toolbar. Kaspersky Password Manager detects online forms on the websites and displays the icon next to fields where the extension can perform actions.

Full extension features list

If you install Kaspersky Password Manager extension, it saves information when you fills out online forms, and during your next visit, fills them out automatically. You can enable autosave and autofill for passwords, addresses or bank cards. Clicking icon opens the extension menu.

From the extension menu you can:

Limitation of extension functionality

For Microsoft Edge browser, you can install Kaspersky Password Manager extension without desktop application. Installation for other browsers is not supported.

If you install Kaspersky Password Manager extension for Microsoft Edge but do not install the application on your computer, the extension functionality is limited. For example, you can use only password generator but you can't autosave and autofill your passwords until you install Kaspersky Password Manager application.

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