About trusted recipients

You can exclude messages addressed to specific recipients by specifying the addresses of these recipients in the list of trusted recipients. The list is empty by default.

You can add recipients' addresses to the list of trusted recipients in the form of entries of the following types:

When Anti-Virus is installed for the Mailbox role and the Hub Transport role and the address you want to exclude cannot be located in Active Directory, the list of trusted recipients should include two entries corresponding to this address: SMTP address and user / group name. Otherwise, messages sent to this address will not be excluded from the scan.

Recipients' addresses specified in the form of Active Directory objects are excluded from the anti-virus scan according to the following rules:

The application automatically updates user addresses received from Active Directory following changes to the relevant Active Directory accounts (for example, when a user's email address has changed or a new member has been added to a security group). This update is performed once a day.

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