Anti-Malware settings

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With the help of the Anti-Malware protection module, you can protect your company mailboxes against viruses, Trojans, worms, and other security threats that can be sent in email messages.

The Anti-Malware module scans messages by using the latest version of anti-virus databases, the heuristic analyzer, and the Kaspersky Security Network cloud services.

If the application detects any malicious content included directly in the message body, the message body is replaced by the following text: The message text has been deleted due to its malicious content that posed a risk of infection. You can contact the administrator for detailed information.

When creating a security policy, you can specify the Anti-Malware settings.

Actions to be taken by the application

In the Action area, specify what the application must do with messages in which it detects malware:


In the Notifications area, configure notifications that will be sent automatically:

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