Attachment Filtering settings

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With the help of the Attachment Filtering protection module, you can filter attachments in your company mailboxes.

Attachment Filtering is a feature that scans files attached to email messages. This feature allows you to control external and internal file exchange within your Exchange Online. If Attachment Filtering is enabled, Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 scans messages for files that match the specified filtering criteria and applies the action that you predefine in the settings.

When creating a security policy, you can specify the Attachment Filtering settings.

Attachment types to be detected

In the Attachment types area, configure the types of files to be detected by the application:

Actions to be taken by the application

In the Action area, specify what the application must do with messages in which it detects the specified attachments:


In the Notifications area, configure notifications that will be sent automatically:


In the Allowlist area, configure allowed senders and files to be skipped from processing.

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