Configuring integration with Kaspersky Security Center

You must configure the integration on the Kaspersky Sandbox using the Kaspersky Sandbox web interface, as well as on the Kaspersky Security Center side using the KSC Administration Console.

To configure integration with Kaspersky Security Center on the Kaspersky Sandbox side:

  1. In the Kaspersky Sandbox web interface window, select the Connection to KSC section.
  2. In the KSC server address field, enter the address and port of the Kaspersky Security Center server.
  3. If you want to establish a trusted connection with the Kaspersky Security Center server, select the Use TLS encryption check box.
  4. Click Connect in the lower part of the window.

To configure integration with Kaspersky Sandbox on the Kaspersky Security Center side:

  1. Open the KSC console.
  2. In the console tree, expand the Unassigned devices folder.
  3. In the unassigned devices list, select the Kaspersky Sandbox server and right-click to open the device action menu.
  4. Choose Move to group.
  5. In the window that opens, select the group of Kaspersky Security Center devices which you want to use with Kaspersky Sandbox and click OK.

    For example, you can select the Managed devices group, create a new group in the Managed devices group, and place the Kaspersky Sandbox server in the created group.

Kaspersky Security Center displays devices for which integration is configured in managed device groups. Health status of these devices is displayed on the dashboard. If problems are encountered with these devices, Kaspersky Security Center displays the Critical or Warning status to alert the administrator.

Since Kaspersky Sandbox is not a standard workstation managed using the KSC, you must separately configure the display of Kaspersky Sandbox device status in KSC.

To display the status of Kaspersky Sandbox devices in KSC correctly, place Kaspersky Sandbox servers into a separate managed device groups.

The Kaspersky Sandbox server is displayed in the device list of the device group in the KSC console tree.

Integration of Kaspersky Sandbox with Kaspersky Security Center is configured.

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