Access to local tasks and statistics, "Do not disconnect from the Administration Server" check box

By default, Kaspersky Security Center does not feature continuous connectivity between managed devices and the Administration Server. Network Agents on managed devices periodically establish connections and synchronize with the Administration Server. The interval between those synchronization sessions (by default, it is 15 minutes) is defined in a policy of Network Agent. If an early synchronization is required (for example, to force the application of a policy), the Administration Server sends Network Agent a signed network packet to port UDP 15000. If a connection between the Administration Server and a managed device using UDP is not possible for any reason, synchronization will run at the next regular connection of Network Agent to the Administration Server within the synchronization interval.

Some operations cannot be performed without an early connection between Network Agent and the Administration Server, such as running and stopping local tasks, receiving statistics for a managed application (security application or Network Agent), creating a tunnel, etc. To resolve this issue, in the properties of the managed device (General section), select the Do not disconnect from the Administration Server check box. If the managed device accesses the Administration Server through a distribution point running in gateway mode, not directly, this check box must be selected in the properties of the device, which acts as the distribution point and functions as the gateway. The maximum total number of devices with the Do not disconnect from the Administration Server check box selected is 300.

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