About Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal is a web portal that allows the administrator to delegate some of the mobile device management functions to users. Any mobile device user who has signed in to Self Service Portal can add his or her mobile device to Self Service Portal. When you add mobile devices, the iOS MDM profile is installed on iOS MDM devices, while Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android is installed on KES devices, after which corporate policies are applied to each device. When done, the mobile device becomes managed.

Self Service Portal supports automatic user authorization using Kerberos Constrained Delegation and domain authorization.

Self Service Portal supports mobile devices with the iOS and Android operating systems.

Users can perform the following actions on Self Service Portal:

Self Service Portal uses the global list of Kaspersky Security Center users. The list is expanded automatically when importing users from Active Directory or manually.

If domain authorization on Self Service Portal is prohibited by the administrator, users can use alias accounts for authorization. Alias accounts for authorization on Self Service Portal can be created in the properties of user accounts.

The administrator can grant users the following Self Service Portal usage permissions:

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