Standard installation

Standard installation is an Administration Server installation that uses the default paths for application files, installs the default set of plug-ins, and does not enable Mobile Device Management.

To install Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server on a local device:

Run the ksc_11.<build number>_full_<localization language>.exe executable file.

A window opens prompting you to select Kaspersky Lab applications to install. In the application selection window, click the Install Kaspersky Security Center 11 Administration Server link to start the Administration Server Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

Below are the steps of the Setup Wizard and actions that you can perform at each step.

In this section

Step 1. Reviewing the License Agreement and Privacy Policy

Step 2. Selecting an installation method

Step 3. Installing Kaspersky Security Center 11 Web Console

Step 4. Selecting network size

Step 5. Selecting a database

Step 6. Configuring the SQL Server

Step 7. Selecting an authentication mode

Step 8. Unpacking and installing files on the hard drive

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