Disabling Mobile Device Management

Disabling Mobile Device Management is only available on the master Administration Server.

To disable support of mobile devices:

  1. In the console tree, select the Mobile Device Management folder.
  2. In the workspace of this folder, click the Configure additional components link.

    The Additional components page of the Administration Server Quick Start Wizard is displayed.

  3. Select Do not enable Mobile Device Management if you do not want to manage mobile devices any longer.
  4. Click OK.

Previously connected mobile devices will not be able to connect to Administration Server. The port for mobile device connection and the port for mobile device activation will be closed automatically.

Policies that were created for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android and Kaspersky Device Management for iOS will not be deleted. The certificate issuance rules will not be modified. The plug-ins that have been installed will not be removed. The moving rule for mobile devices will not be deleted.

After you re-enable Mobile Device Management on managed mobile devices, you may have to reinstall mobile apps that are required for mobile device management.

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