Step 8. Unpacking and installing files on the hard drive

After the installation of Kaspersky Security Center components is configured, you can start installing files on the hard drive.

If installation requires additional programs, the Setup Wizard will notify you, on the Installing Prerequisites page, before installation of Kaspersky Security Center begins. The required programs are installed automatically after you click the Next button.

On the last page, you can select which console to start for work with Kaspersky Security Center:

You can also click Finish to close the Wizard without starting work with Kaspersky Security Center. You can start the work later at any time.

At the first startup of Administration Console or Kaspersky Security Center 12 Web Console, you can perform the initial setup of the application.

When the Setup Wizard finishes, the following application components are installed on the hard drive on which the operating system was installed:

Additionally, Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 will be installed if it was not installed previously.

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