Configuring roaming on an iOS MDM mobile device

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To configure roaming:

  1. In the console tree, open the Mobile Device Management folder.
  2. In the Mobile Device Management folder, select the Mobile devices subfolder.

    The folder workspace displays a list of managed mobile devices.

  3. Select the iOS MDM device owned by the user for whom you have to configure roaming.

    You can select multiple mobile devices to configure roaming on them simultaneously.

  4. In the context menu of the mobile device, select Show command log.
  5. In the Mobile device management commands window, proceed to the Configure roaming section and click the Send command button.

    You can also send the command to the mobile device by selecting All commandsConfigure roaming from the context menu of the device.

  6. In the Roaming settings window, specify the relevant settings:
    • Enable voice roaming
    • Enable data roaming

Roaming is configured for the selected devices.

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