Hierarchy of Administration Servers: Master Administration Server and slave Administration Server

The schema (see figure below) shows how to use port 13000 to ensure interaction between Administration Servers combined into a hierarchy.

When combining two Administration Servers into a hierarchy, make sure that port 13291 is accessible on both Administration Servers. Administration Console connects to the Administration Server through port 13291.

Subsequently, when the Administration Servers are combined into a hierarchy, you will be able to administer both of them by using Administration Console connected to the master Administration Server. Therefore, the accessibility of port 13291 of the master Administration Server is the only prerequisite.

Administration Servers hierarchy

Hierarchy of Administration Servers: master Administration Server and slave Administration Server

For schema clarifications, see the table below.

Hierarchy of Administration Servers (traffic)


Port number

Name of the process that opens the port



Port purpose

Master Administration Server





Receiving connections from slave Administration Servers

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