Automatic distribution of a license key

Kaspersky Security Center allows automatic distribution of license keys to managed devices if they are located in the license keys repository on the Administration Server.

To distribute a license key to managed devices automatically:

  2. Click the name of the license key that you want to distribute to devices automatically.
  3. In the license key properties window that opens, switch the toggle button to Deploy license key automatically.
  4. Click the Save button.

The license key will be automatically distributed as the active or reserve license key to all compatible devices.

License key distribution is performed by means of Network Agent. No reserve license key distribution tasks are created for the application.

During automatic distribution of a license key as the active or reserve license key, the licensing limit on the number of devices is taken into account. (The licensing limit is set in the properties of the license key.) If the licensing limit is reached, distribution of this license key on devices ceases automatically.

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