Creating application category with content added manually

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You can specify a set of criteria as a template of executable files for which you want to allow or block a start in your organization. On the basis of executable files corresponding to the criteria, you can create an application category and use it in the Application Control component configuration.

To create an application category with content added manually:


    The page with a list of application categories is displayed.

  2. Click the Add button.

    The New Category Wizard starts. Proceed through the Wizard by using the Next button.

  3. On the Select category creation method page of the Wizard, select the Category with content added manually. Data of executable files is manually added to the category option.
  4. On the Conditions page of the Wizard, click the Add button to add a condition criterion to include files in the creating category.
  5. On the Condition criteria page, select a rule type for the creation of category from the list:
    • From KL category
    • Select certificate from repository
    • Specify path to application (masks supported)
    • Removable drive
    • Hash, metadata, or certificate:
      • Select from list of executable files
      • Select from applications registry
      • Specify manually
      • From file or from MSI package / archived folder

    The selected criterion is added to the list of conditions.

    You can add as many criteria for the creating application category as you need.

  6. On the Exclusions page of the Wizard, click the Add button to add an exclusive condition criterion to exclude files from the category that is being created.
  7. On the Condition criteria page, select a rule type from the list, in the same way that you selected a rule type for category creation.

When the Wizard finishes, the application category is created. It is displayed in the list of application categories. You can use the created application category when you configure Application Control.

For detailed information about Application Control, refer to Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows Online Help and to the Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent.

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