Installing Network Agent for Linux in silent mode (with an answer file)

You can install Network Agent on Linux devices by using an answer file—a text file that contains a custom set of installation parameters: variables and their respective values. Using this answer file allows you to run an installation in the silent (non-interactive) mode, that is, without user participation.

To perform installation of Network Agent for Linux in silent mode:

  1. Prepare the relevant Linux device for remote installation. Download and create the remote installation package, by using a .deb or .rpm package of Network Agent, by means of any suitable package management system.
  2. Read the End User License Agreement. Follow the steps below only if you understand and accept the terms of the End User License Agreement.
  3. Set the value of the KLAUTOANSWERS environment variable by entering the full name of the answer file (including the path), for example, as follows:

    export KLAUTOANSWERS=/tmp/nagent_install/answers.txt

  4. Create the answer file (in TXT format) in the directory that you have specified in the environment variable. Add to the answer file a list of variables in the VARIABLE_NAME=variable_value format, each one on a separate line.

    For correct usage of the answer file, you must include in it a minimum set of the three required variables:


    You can also add any optional variables to use more specific parameters of your remote installation. The following table lists all of the variables that can be included in the answer file:

    Variables of the answer file used as parameters of Network Agent for Linux installation in silent mode

  5. Run the script by executing the following command:
    • For a 32-bit operating system: $ sudo /opt/kaspersky/klnagent/lib/bin/setup/
    • For a 64-bit operating system: $ sudo /opt/kaspersky/klnagent64/lib/bin/setup/

Installation of Network Agent for Linux starts in silent mode; the user is not prompted for any actions during the process.

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