Network Agent

Interaction between Administration Server and devices is performed by the Network Agent component of Kaspersky Security Center. Network Agent must be installed on all devices on which Kaspersky Security Center is used to manage Kaspersky applications.

Network Agent is installed on a device as a service, with the following set of attributes:

A device that has Network Agent installed is called a managed device or device.

You can install Network Agent on a Windows, Linux, or Mac device. You can get the component from one of the following sources:

You do not have to install Network Agent on the device where you install Administration Server, because the server version of Network Agent is automatically installed together with Administration Server.

The name of the process that Network Agent starts is klnagent.exe.

Network Agent synchronizes the managed device with the Administration Server. We recommend that you set the synchronization interval (also referred to as the heartbeat) to 15 minutes per 10,000 managed devices.

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