Data backup and recovery in non-interactive mode

To create a backup copy or recover Administration Server data in non-interactive mode,

Run klbackup with the required set of keys from the command line of the device that has Administration Server installed.

Utility command line syntax:

klbackup -path BACKUP_PATH [-logfile LOGFILE] [-use_ts]|[-restore] [-password PASSWORD] [-online]

If no password is specified in the command line of the klbackup utility, the utility prompts you to enter the password interactively.

Descriptions of the keys:

When restoring data, you must specify the same password that was entered during backup. If you specify an invalid password, data will not be restored. If the path to a shared folder changed after backup, check the operation of tasks that use restored data (restore tasks and remote installation tasks). If necessary, edit the settings of these tasks. While data is being restored from a backup file, no one must access the shared folder of Administration Server. The account under which the klbackup utility is started must have full access to the shared folder.

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