Creating an Administration Server task

The Administration Server performs the following tasks:

On a virtual Administration Server, only the automatic report delivery task and the installation package creation task based on the reference device OS image are available. The repository of the virtual Administration Server displays updates downloaded to the master Administration Server. Backup of virtual Administration Server data is performed together with backup of master Administration Server data.

To create an Administration Server task:

  1. In the console tree, select the Tasks folder.
  2. Start creation of the task in one of the following ways:
    • By selecting New → Task in the context menu of the Tasks folder in the console tree.
    • By clicking the Create a task button in the workspace of the Tasks folder.

The New Task Wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

The Download updates to the repository of the Administration Server, Perform Windows Update synchronization, Database maintenance, and Backup of Administration Server data tasks can be created only once. If the Download updates to the repository of the Administration Server, Database maintenance, Backup of Administration Server data, and Perform Windows Update synchronization tasks have already been created for the Administration Server, they will not be displayed in the task type selection window of the New Task Wizard.

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