Upgrading Kaspersky Security Center from a previous version

You can install version 12 of Administration Server on a device that has an earlier version of Administration Server installed (starting from version 10 Service Pack 1). When upgrading to version 12, all data and settings from the previous version of Administration Server are preserved.

Concurrent use of the DBMS by Administration Server and another application is strictly forbidden.

To upgrade an earlier version of Administration Server to version 12:

  1. Run the ksc_<version and build number>_full_<language>.exe executable file for version 12 (you can download this file from the Kaspersky website).

    A window opens prompting you to select Kaspersky applications to install.

    In the application selection window, click the Install Kaspersky Security Center 12 Administration Server link to start the Administration Server Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

    Please carefully read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you agree with all the terms of the License Agreement and the Privacy Policy, select the following check boxes in the I confirm I have fully read, understood, and accept the following section:

    • The terms and conditions of this EULA
    • Privacy Policy describing the handling of data

    Installation of the application on your device will continue after you select both check boxes. The Setup Wizard prompts you to create a backup copy of the Administration Server data for the earlier version.

    Kaspersky Security Center supports data recovery from a backup copy of Administration Server created with an older version of the application.

  2. If you have to create a backup copy, in the Administration Server Backup window that opens, select the Create backup copy of Administration Server check box.

    A backup copy of Administration Server data is created by the klbackup utility. This utility is included in the distribution kit, and is located at the root of the Kaspersky Security Center installation folder.

  3. Install Administration Server version 12, following the Setup Wizard.

    If a message occurs that the Kaspersky Security Center 12 Web Console service is busy, click the Ignore button in the Wizard window.

    We recommend that you avoid terminating the Setup Wizard. Canceling the upgrade at the step of Administration Server installation may cause the upgraded version of Kaspersky Security Center to fail.

  4. For devices on which the earlier version of Network Agent was installed, create and run the task for remote installation of the new version of Network Agent.

    After completion of the remote installation task, the Network Agent version will be upgraded.

If problems occur during Administration Server installation, you can restore the previous version of Administration Server using the backup copy of the Administration Server data created before the upgrade.

If at least one Administration Server of the new version has been installed on the network, other Administration Servers on the network can be upgraded using the remote installation task that uses the Administration Server installation package.

When upgrading Kaspersky Security Center from a previous version, all the installed management plug-ins are not uninstalled. You can configure policies and tasks corresponding to the managed plug-ins.

Administration Server plug-in and Network Agent plug-in are upgraded automatically.

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