Mobile Device Management

Management of mobile device protection through Kaspersky Security Center is carried out by using the Mobile Device Management feature, which requires a dedicated license. If you are intending to manage mobile devices owned by employees in your organization, you must enable Mobile Device Management.

This section provides instructions for enabling, configuring and disabling Mobile Device Management. This section also describes how to manage mobile devices connected to Administration Server.

For details about Kaspersky Security for Mobile, see Kaspersky Security for Mobile Help.

In this section

Scenario: Mobile Device Management deployment

About group policy for managing EAS and iOS MDM devices

Enabling Mobile Device Management

Modifying the Mobile Device Management settings

Disabling Mobile Device Management

Working with commands for mobile devices

Working with certificates

Adding iOS mobile devices to the list of managed devices

Adding Android mobile devices to the list of managed devices

Managing Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices

Managing iOS MDM devices

Managing KES devices

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