Adding a managed application

Before installing an app on an iOS MDM device, you must add that app to an iOS MDM Server. An application is considered managed if it has been installed on a device through Kaspersky Security Center. A managed application can be managed remotely by means of Kaspersky Security Center.

To add a managed application to an iOS MDM Server:

  1. In the console tree, open the Mobile Device Management folder.
  2. In the Mobile Device Management folder in the console tree, select the Mobile Device Servers subfolder.
  3. In the workspace of the Mobile Device Servers folder, select an iOS MDM Server.
  4. In the context menu of the iOS MDM Server, select Properties.

    This opens the properties window of the iOS MDM Server.

  5. In the properties window of the iOS MDM Server, select the Managed applications section.
  6. Click the Add button in the Managed applications section.

    The Add an application window opens.

  7. In the Add an application window, in the App name field, specify the name of the application to be added.
  8. In the Apple ID or App Store link field, specify the Apple ID of the application to be added, or specify a link to a manifest file that can be used to download the application.
  9. If you want a managed application to be removed from the user's mobile device along with the iOS MDM profile when removing the latter, select the Remove together with iOS MDM profile check box.
  10. If you want to block the application data backup through iTunes, select the Block data backup check box.
  11. Click OK.

The added application is displayed in the Managed applications section of the properties window of the iOS MDM Server.

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