Software categorization

The main tool for monitoring the running of applications are Kaspersky categories (hereinafter also referred to as KL categories). KL categories help Kaspersky Security Center administrators to simplify the support of software categorization and minimize traffic going to managed devices.

User categories must only be created for applications that cannot be classified in any of the existing KL categories (for example, for custom-made software). User categories are created on the basis of an application installation package (MSI) or a folder with installation packages.

If a large collection of software is available, which has not been categorized through KL categories, it may be useful to create an automatically updated category. The checksums of executable files will be automatically added to this category on every modification of the folder containing distribution packages.

No automatically updated categories of software can be created on the basis of the folders My Documents, %windir%, and %ProgramFiles%. The pool of files in these folders is subject to frequent changes, which leads to an increased load on Administration Server and increased network traffic. You must create a dedicated folder with the collection of software and periodically add new items to it.

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