Traffic lights in Administration Console

Administration Console allows you to quickly assess the current status of Kaspersky Security Center and managed devices by checking traffic lights. The traffic lights are shown in the workspace of the Administration Server node, on the Monitoring tab. The tab provides six information panels with traffic lights. A traffic light is a colored vertical bar on the left side of a panel. Each panel with a traffic light corresponds to a specific functional scope of Kaspersky Security Center (see the table below).

Scopes covered by traffic lights in Administration Console

Panel name

Traffic light scope


Installing Network Agent and security applications on devices on an organization's network

Management scheme

Structure of administration groups. Network scanning. Device moving rules

Protection settings

Security application functionality: protection status, virus scanning


Updates and patches


Protection status

Administration Server

Administration Server features and properties

Each traffic light can be any of these five colors (see the table below). The color of a traffic light depends on the current status of Kaspersky Security Center and on events that were logged.

Color codes of traffic lights


Traffic light color

Traffic light color meaning



Administrator's intervention is not required.



Administrator's intervention is required.



Serious problems have been encountered. Administrator's intervention is required to solve them.


Light blue

Events have been logged that are unrelated to potential or actual threats to the security of managed devices.



The details of events are not available or have not yet been retrieved.

The administrator's goal is to keep traffic lights on all of the information panels on the Monitoring tab green.

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