Changing the limit on the size of custom installation package data

This section describes features applicable only to Kaspersky Security Center 12.1 or a later version.

The total size of data unpacked during creation of a custom installation package is limited. The default limit is 400 megabytes (MB).

If you attempt to upload an archive file that contains data exceeding the current limit, an error message is displayed. You might have to increase this limit value when creating installation packages from large distribution packages.

To change the limit value for the custom installation package size:

  1. Open the system registry of the Administration Server device (for example, locally, using the regedit command in the StartRun menu).
  2. Go to the following hive:
    • For a 64-bit system:


    • For a 32-bit system:


  3. Right-click the hive, and then select NewDWORD (32-bit) value.

    A new DWORD key is created.

  4. Assign key the MaxArchivePkgSize name.
  5. Double-click the new DWORD key to edit.
  6. Set the required limit value:
    1. Select any base: hexadecimal or decimal.
    2. Specify the number of bytes corresponding to the selected base.

    For example, if the required limit is 2 GB, you can specify the decimal value 2147483648 or the hexadecimal value 0x80000000.

  7. Click OK.

The limit on the size of custom installation package data is changed.

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