About event export

You can use event export within centralized systems that deal with security issues on an organizational and technical level, provide security monitoring services, and consolidate information from different solutions. These are SIEM systems, which provide real-time analysis of security alerts and events generated by network hardware and applications, or Security Operation Centers (SOCs).

These systems receive data from many sources, including networks, security, servers, databases, and applications. SIEM systems also provide functionality to consolidate monitored data in order to help you avoid missing critical events. In addition, the systems perform automated analysis of correlated events and alerts in order to notify the administrators of immediate security issues. Alerting can be implemented through a dashboard or can be sent through third-party channels such as email.

The process of exporting events from Kaspersky Security Center to external SIEM systems involves two parties: an event sender, Kaspersky Security Center, and an event receiver, a SIEM system. To successfully export events, you must configure this in your SIEM system and in the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console. It does not matter which side you configure first. You can configure the transmission of events in the Kaspersky Security Center and then configure the receipt of events by the SIEM system, or vice versa.

Methods for sending events from Kaspersky Security Center

There are three methods for sending events from Kaspersky Security Center to external systems:

Receipt of events by the SIEM system

The SIEM system must receive and correctly parse events received from Kaspersky Security Center. For these purposes, you must properly configure the SIEM system. The configuration depends on the specific SIEM system utilized. However, there are a number of general steps in the configuration of all SIEM systems, such as configuring the receiver and the parser.

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