Windows network polling

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About Windows network polling

During a quick poll, the Administration Server only retrieves information from the list of the NetBIOS names of devices in all network domains and workgroups. During a full poll, the following information is requested from each client device:

Both quick polls and full polls require the following:

The full poll can run only if the quick poll has run at least once.

Viewing and modifying the settings for Windows network polling

To modify the properties of Windows network polling:

  2. Click the Properties button.

    The Windows domain properties window opens.

  3. Enable or disable Windows network polling by using the Enable Windows network polling toggle button.
  4. Configure the poll schedule. By default, the quick polling runs every 15 minutes and the full polling runs every 60 minutes.

    Polling schedule options:

    • Every N days
    • Every N minutes
    • By days of week
    • Every month on specified days of selected weeks
    • Run missed tasks
  5. Click the Save button.

The properties are saved and applied to all of the discovered Windows domains and workgroups.

Running the poll manually

To run the poll immediately,

Click Start quick poll or Start full poll.

When the polling is complete, you can view the list of discovered devices on the WINDOWS DOMAINS page by selecting the check box next to a domain name, and then clicking the Devices button.

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