Creating a data backup task

Backup tasks are Administration Server tasks; they are created through the Quick Start Wizard. If a backup task created by the Quick Start Wizard has been deleted, you can create one manually.

To create an Administration Server data backup task:

  1. In the console tree, select the Tasks folder.
  2. Start creation of the task in one of the following ways:
    • By selecting New → Task in the context menu of the Tasks folder in the console tree.
    • By clicking the Create a task button in the workspace.

The Add Task Wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the Wizard. In the Select the task type window of the Wizard select the task type named Backup of Administration Server data.

The Backup of Administration Server data task can only be created in a single copy. If the Administration Server data backup task has already been created for the Administration Server, it is not displayed in the task type selection window of the Backup Task Creation Wizard.

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