Deploying operating systems on new networked devices

To deploy an operating system on new devices that have not yet had any operating system installed:

  1. In the Remote installation folder in the console tree, select the Deploy device images subfolder.
  2. Click the Additional actions button and select Manage the list of PXE servers on the network in the drop-down list.

    The Properties: Deploy device images window opens, on the PXE servers section.

  3. In the PXE servers section, click the Add button and, in the PXE servers window that opens, select the device that will be used as PXE server.

    The device that you added is displayed in the PXE servers section.

  4. In the PXE servers section select a PXE server and click the Properties button.
  5. In the properties window of the selected PXE server, on the PXE server connection settings tab configure connection between Administration Server and the PXE server.
  6. Boot the client device on which you want to deploy the operating system.
  7. In the BIOS of the client device, select the Network boot installation option.

    The client device connects to the PXE server and is then displayed in the workspace of the Deploy device images folder.

  8. In the Actions section, click the Assign installation package link to select the installation package that will be used for the operating system installation on the selected device.

    After you added the device and assigned the installation package to it, the operating system deployment starts automatically on this device.

  9. To cancel the operating system deployment on the client device, click the Cancel OS image installation link in the Actions section.

To add devices by MAC address:

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