About license key management of third-party applications

Kaspersky Security Center allows you to track license key usage for third-party applications installed on the managed devices. The list of applications for which you can track license key usage is taken from the applications registry. For each license key, you can specify and track violation of the following restrictions:

Kaspersky Security Center does not check whether or not you specify a real license key. You can only track the restrictions that you specify. If one of the restrictions that you impose on a license key is violated, Administration Server registers an informational, warning, or functional failure event.

License keys are bound to applications groups. An applications group is a group of third-party applications that you combine on a basis of a criterion or several criteria. You can define applications by the name of the application, its version, vendor, and tag. An application is added to the group if at least one of the criteria is met. To each applications group, you can bind several license keys, but each license key can be bound to a single applications group only.

One more tool that you can use to track license key usage is Report on status of licensed applications groups. This report provides information about the current status of licensed applications groups, including:

The tools for license key management of third-party applications are located in the Third-party licenses usage subfolder (AdvancedApplication managementThird-party licenses usage). In this subfolder, you can create applications groups, add license keys, and generate the Report on statuses on licensed application groups.

The tools for license key management of third-party applications are available only if you enabled Vulnerability and Patch Management option in the Configure interface window.

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