Kaspersky Security Center Web Server

Kaspersky Security Center Web Server (hereinafter referred to as Web Server) is a component of Kaspersky Security Center. Web Server is designed for publishing stand-alone installation packages, stand-alone installation packages for mobile devices, iOS MDM profiles, and files from the shared folder.

The iOS MDM profiles and installation packages that have been created are published on Web Server automatically and then removed after the first download. The administrator can send the new link to the user in any convenient way, such as by email.

By clicking the link, the user can download the required information to a mobile device.

Web Server settings

If a fine-tuning of Web Server is required, the properties of Administration Console Web Server provide the possibility to change ports for HTTP (8060) and HTTPS (8061). In addition to changing ports, you can replace the server certificate for HTTPS and change the FQDN of Web Server for HTTP.

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