Manually checking the connection between a client device and the Administration Server. Klnagchk utility

You can check the connection, and obtain detailed information about the settings of the connection, between a client device and Administration Server by using the klnagchk utility. The klnagchk utility is located in the Network Agent installation folder.

When started from the command line, the klnagchk utility can perform the following actions (depending on the keys in use):

To check the connection between a client device and Administration Server by using the klnagchk utility,

On the device with Network Agent installed, start the klnagchk utility from the command line under a local administrator account.

Utility command line syntax:

klnagchk [-logfile <file name>] [-sp] [-savecert <path to certificate file>] [-restart][-sendhb]

Descriptions of the keys:

After startup, the klnagchk utility accesses the configuration files of Network Agent and displays the connection parameters. These parameters are specified during the Network Agent installation and in the Network Agent policy settings:

Also, the klnagchk utility output can contain one of the following lines:

The klnagchk utility checks the status of the Network Agent service. If the service is not running, the utility stops. If the service is running, the utility displays the following connection statistics:

You need to use the Total number of synchronization requests and The number of successful synchronization request parameters when analyzing the connection between Administration Server and Network Agent. The client device settings synchronize with the Administration Server settings only if the Administration Server settings were changed (for example, if new tasks were added or policy settings were modified). Otherwise, the Total number of synchronizations and The number of successful synchronizations parameter values remain unchanged.

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