Installing Network Agent in silent mode

Network Agent can be installed in silent mode, that is, without the interactive input of installation parameters. Silent installation uses a Windows Installer package (MSI) for Network Agent. The MSI file is located in the Kaspersky Security Center distribution package, in the Packages\NetAgent\exec folder.

To install Network Agent on a local device in silent mode:

  1. Read the End User License Agreement. Use the command below only if you understand and accept the terms of the End User License Agreement.
  2. Run the command

    msiexec /i "Kaspersky Network Agent.msi" /qn <setup_parameters>

    where setup_parameters is a list of parameters and their respective values, separated by a space (PROP1=PROP1VAL PROP2=PROP2VAL).

    In the list of parameters, you must include EULA=1. Otherwise Network Agent will not be installed.

If you are using the standard connection settings for Kaspersky Security Center 11 and later, and Network Agent on remote devices, run the command:

msiexec /i "Kaspersky Network Agent.msi" /qn /l*vx c:\windows\temp\nag_inst.log EULA=1

/l*vx is the key for writing logs. The log is created during the installation of Network Agent and saved at C:\windows\temp\nag_inst.log.

In addition to nag_inst.log, the application creates the $klssinstlib.log file, which contains the installation log. This file is stored in the %windir%\temp or %temp% folder. For troubleshooting purposes, you or a Kaspersky Technical Support specialist may need both log files—nag_inst.log and $klssinstlib.log.

If you need to additionally specify the port for connection to the Administration Server run the command:

msiexec /i "Kaspersky Network Agent.msi" /qn /l*vx c:\windows\temp\nag_inst.log EULA=1 SERVERPORT=14000

The parameter SERVERPORT corresponds to the number of port for connection to Administration Server.

The names and possible values for parameters that can be used when installing Network Agent in silent mode are listed in the Network Agent installation parameters section.

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