Configuring protection on a client organization's network

After Administration Server installation is complete, Administration Console launches and prompts you to perform the initial setup through the relevant wizard. When the quick start wizard is running, the following policies and tasks are created in the root administration group:

Policies and tasks are created with the default settings, which may turn out to be sub-optimal or even inadmissible for the organization. Therefore, you must check the properties of objects that have been created and modify them manually, if necessary.

This section contains information about manual configuration of policies, tasks, and other settings of Administration Server, and information about the distribution point, building an administration group structure and hierarchy of tasks, and other settings.

In this section

Manual setup of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security policy

Manual setup of the group update task for Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Manual setup of the group task for scanning a device with Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Scheduling the Find vulnerabilities and required updates task

Manual setup of the group task for updates installation and vulnerabilities fix

Building a structure of administration groups and assigning distribution points

Hierarchy of policies, using policy profiles


Device moving rules

Software categorization

About multi-tenant applications

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Main installation scenario

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