Deployment by capturing and copying the image of a device

If you need to install Network Agent on devices on which an operating system and other software also must be installed (or reinstalled), you can use the mechanism of capturing and copying the image of that device.

To perform deployment by capturing and copying a hard drive:

  1. Create a reference device with an operating system and the relevant software installed, including Network Agent and a security application.
  2. Capture the reference image on the device and distribute that image on new devices through the dedicated task of Kaspersky Security Center.

    To capture and install disk images, you can use either third-party tools available in the organization, or the feature provided (under the Vulnerability and patch management license) by Kaspersky Security Center.

If you use any third-party tools to process disk images, you must delete the information that Kaspersky Security Center uses to identify the managed device, when performing deployment on a device from a reference image. Otherwise, Administration Server will not be able to properly distinguish devices that have been created by copying the same image.

When capturing a disk image with Kaspersky Security Center tools, this issue is solved automatically.

Copying a disk image with third-party tools

When applying third-party tools for capturing the image of a device with Network Agent installed, use one of the following methods:

If the hard drive image has been copied incorrectly, you can resolve this problem.

You can also capture the image of a device without Network Agent installed. To do this, perform image deployment on target devices and then deploy Network Agent. If using this method, provide access to the network folder with stand-alone installation packages from a device.

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