Installing iOS MDM Server

To install iOS MDM Server on a local device:

  1. Run the setup.exe executable file.

    A window opens prompting you to select Kaspersky applications to install.

    In the applications selection window, click the Install iOS MDM Server link to run the iOS MDM Server Setup Wizard.

  2. Select a destination folder.

    The default destination folder is <Disk>:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Mobile Device Management for iOS. If such a folder does not exist, it is created automatically during the installation. You can change the destination folder by using the Browse button.

  3. In the Specify the settings for connection to iOS MDM Server window of the Wizard, in the External port for connection to iOS MDM service field, specify an external port for connecting mobile devices to the iOS MDM service.

    External port 5223 is used by mobile devices for communication with the APNs server. Make sure that port 5223 is open in the firewall for connection with the address range

    Port 443 is used for connection to iOS MDM Server by default. If port 443 is already in use by another service or application, it can be replaced with, for example, port 9443.

    The iOS MDM Server uses external port 2197 to send notifications to the APNs server.

    APNs servers run in load-balancing mode. Mobile devices do not always connect to the same IP addresses to receive notifications. The address range is reserved for Apple, and it is therefore recommended to specify this entire range as an allowed range in Firewall settings.

  4. If you want to configure interaction ports for application components manually, select the Set up local ports manually option, and then specify values for the following settings:
    • Port for connection to Network Agent. In this field, specify a port for connecting the iOS MDM service to Network Agent. The default port number is 9799.
    • Local port to connect to iOS MDM service. In this field, specify a local port for connecting Network Agent to the iOS MDM service. The default port number is 9899.

    It is recommended to use default values.

  5. In the External address of Mobile Device Server window of the Wizard, in the Web address for remote connection to Mobile Device Server field, specify the address of the client device on which iOS MDM Server is to be installed.

    This address will be used for connecting managed mobile devices to the iOS MDM service. The client device must be available for connection of iOS MDM devices.

    You can specify the address of a client device in any of the following formats:

    • Device FQDN (such as
    • Device NetBIOS name

    Please avoid adding the URL scheme and the port number in the address string: these values will be added automatically.

When the Wizard finishes, iOS MDM Server is installed on the local device. The iOS MDM Server is displayed in the Mobile Device Management folder in the console tree.

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