Triggering of rules in Smart Training mode

This section provides information about the detections performed by the Adaptive Anomaly Control rules in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows on client devices.

The rules detect anomalous behavior on client devices and may block it. If the rules work in Smart Training mode, they detect anomalous behavior and send reports about every such occurrence to Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console Administration Server. This information is stored as a list in the Triggering of rules in Smart Training state subfolder of the Repositories folder. You can confirm detections as correct or add them as exclusions, so that this type of behavior is not considered anomalous anymore.

Information about detections is stored in the event log on the Administration Server (along with other events) and in the Adaptive Anomaly Control report.

For more information about Adaptive Anomaly Control, the rules, their modes and statuses, refer to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Help.

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Viewing the list of detections performed using Adaptive Anomaly Control rules

Adding exclusions from the Adaptive Anomaly Control rules

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