Application licensing

This section provides information related to the application licensing.

In this section

Licensing of Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console: scenario

About the trial mode of Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console

Using Kaspersky Marketplace to choose Kaspersky business solutions

Licenses and the minimum number of devices for each license

Events of the licensing limit exceeded

Methods of distribution of the activation codes to the managed devices

Adding a license key to the Administration Server repository

Deploying a license key to client devices

Automatic distribution of a license key

Viewing information about license keys in use in the Administration Server repository

Viewing information about the license keys used for a specific Kaspersky application

Deleting a license key from the repository

Viewing the list of devices where a Kaspersky application is not activated

Revoking consent with an End User License Agreement

Renewing licenses for Kaspersky applications

Use of Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console after the license expiration

Receiving license expiration warning

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN)

About data provision

Licensing definitions

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