Hierarchy of Administration Servers

Administration Servers can be arranged in a "primary/secondary" hierarchy. Each Administration Server can have several secondary Administration Servers on different nesting levels of the hierarchy. The nesting level for secondary Administration Servers is unrestricted. The administration groups of the primary Administration Server will then include the client devices of all secondary Administration Servers.

Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console Administration Server can only act as a primary Administration Server and can have as secondary servers only Administration Servers running on-premises.

When migrating from the Administration Server that runs on-premises to the Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console Administration Server, you can arrange the Administration Servers in a hierarchy. Then, to mitigate the migration, you can shift only part of your managed devices to the management of the Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console Administration Server. The rest of the managed devices remain under the management of the on-premises Administration Server. This enables you to test management features of Kaspersky Security Center Cloud Console on a limited number of managed devices. At the same time, you can configure policies, tasks, reports and other objects to test management and monitoring of your entire network. This lets you switch back to the objects configured on the on-premises Administration Server if necessary.

Each device included in the hierarchy of administration groups can be connected to one Administration Server only. You must independently monitor the connection of devices to Administration Servers. Use the feature for device search in administration groups of different Administration Servers based on network attributes.

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