Changes in the system after Administration Server installation on the device

Administration Console icon

After Administration Console is installed on your device, its icon appears, allowing you to start Administration Console. Find it in the StartProgramsKaspersky Security Center menu.

Administration Server and Network Agent services

Administration Server and Network Agent are installed on the device as services with the properties listed below. The table also contains the attributes of other services that apply on the device after Administration Server installation.

Properties of Kaspersky Security Center services


Service name

Displayed service name


Administration Server


Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server

User-defined or dedicated non-privileged account in KL-AK-* format created during installation

Network Agent


Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent

Local system

Web server for accessing Kaspersky Security Center 10 Web Console and administering the organization's intranet


Kaspersky Lab web server

Dedicated unprivileged KlScSvc account

Activation proxy server


Kaspersky Lab activation proxy server

Dedicated unprivileged KlScSvc account

KSN proxy server


Kaspersky Security Network proxy server

Dedicated unprivileged KlScSvc account

Network Agent server version

The server version of Network Agent will be installed on the device together with Administration Server. The server version of Network Agent is part of Administration Server, is installed and removed together with Administration Server, and can only interact with a locally installed Administration Server. You do not have to configure the connection of Network Agent to Administration Server: Configuration is implemented programmatically because the components are installed on the same device. The server version of Network Agent is installed with the same properties as the standard Network Agent and performs the same application management functions. This version will be managed by the policy of the administration group to which the client device of Administration Server belongs. For the server version of Network Agent all tasks are created from the scope of those provided for Administration Server, except for the Server change task.

Network Agent cannot be installed separately on a device that already has Administration Server installed.

You can view the properties of each service of Administration Server and Network Agent, as well as monitor their operation using standard Microsoft Windows management tools: Computer management\Services. Information about the activity of the Kaspersky Lab Administration Server service is stored in the Microsoft Windows system log in a separate Kaspersky Event Log branch on the device where the Administration Server is installed.

We recommend that you avoid starting and stopping services manually and leave service accounts in the service settings unchanged. If necessary, you can modify the Administration Server service account using the klsrvswch utility.

User accounts and user groups

The Administration Server Installer created the following accounts by default:

If you selected other accounts for the Administration Server service and other services while running the Installer, the specified accounts are used.

Local security groups named KLAdmins and KLOperators are also created automatically on the device that has Administration Server installed. If you install Administration Server on the domain controller, domain security groups named KLAdmins and KLOperators are created automatically.

When configuring email notifications, the administrator may have to create an account on the mail server for ESMTP authentication.

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