About KSN

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is an online service infrastructure that provides access to the online Knowledge Base of Kaspersky Lab, which contains information about the reputation of files, web resources, and software. The use of data from Kaspersky Security Network ensures faster responses by Kaspersky Lab applications to threats, improves the effectiveness of some protection components, and reduces the risk of false positives. KSN allows you to use Kaspersky Lab reputation databases to retrieve information about applications installed on client devices.

By participating in KSN, you agree to send to Kaspersky Lab in automatic mode information about the operation of Kaspersky Lab applications installed on client devices that are managed through Kaspersky Security Center, in accordance with the KSN Statement. Information is sent in accordance with the defined KSN access settings.

The application prompts you to join KSN during application installation and when the Quick Start Wizard is running. You can start or stop using KSN at any moment when using the application.

Client devices managed by the Administration Server interact with KSN through KSN Proxy. KSN Proxy provides the following features:

You can configure the KSN proxy server in the KSN proxy server section of the Administration Server properties window.

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