Configuring Windows updates in a Network Agent policy

To configure Windows Updates in a Network Agent policy:

  1. In the Managed devices folder, on the Policies tab, select a Network Agent policy.
  2. In the context menu of the policy, select Properties.

    Open the properties window of the Network Agent policy.

  3. In the policy properties window, select the Updates and software vulnerabilities section.
  4. Select the Use Administration Server as WSUS server check box to download Windows updates to the Administration Server and then distribute them to client devices through Network Agents.

    If this check box is cleared, Windows updates are not downloaded to the Administration Server. In this case, client devices receive Windows updates on their own.

  5. Select the Windows Update search mode:
    • Active. Administration Server initiates a request from Windows Update Agent on a client device to the update source: Windows Update Servers or WSUS. Next, Network Agent passes information received from Windows Update Agent to Administration Server.
    • Passive. In this mode, Network Agent periodically passes the Administration Server information about updates retrieved at the last synchronization of Windows Update Agent with the update source. If no synchronization of Windows Update Agent with an update source is performed, information about updates on the Administration Server becomes out-of-date.
    • Disabled. The Administration Server retrieves no information about updates.
  6. Select the Scan executable files for vulnerabilities when running them check box if you want to scan executable files for vulnerabilities when they are being run.
  7. Click Apply.
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