Installing applications on Amazon EC2 instances

You can install the following Kaspersky Lab applications on EC2 instances: Kaspersky Security for Windows Server (for instances running Windows) and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux (for instances running Linux).

Client devices on which you intend to install protection must meet the requirements for the Kaspersky Security Center operation in a cloud environment.

To install applications on virtual devices, use installation packages.

To create a task for remote installation of the application on EC2 instances by using AWS API:

  1. In the console tree, select the Tasks folder.
  2. Click the Create a task button.

    The New Task Wizard starts. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

  3. In the Select the task type window, select Install application remotely as the task type.
  4. In the Select devices window, select the relevant devices from the Managed devices\AWS group.
  5. If Network Agent has not yet been installed on the devices on which you are intending to install the application, in the Selecting an account to run the task window select Account required and click the Add button in the right part of the window.
  6. In the menu that appears select one of the following:
    • IAM role (if you have an IAM role with the required rights) or an IAM AWS access key (in case you have no IAM role, but you possess an IAM AWS access key with the required rights).
    • Account (for instances running Windows) or SSH certificate (for instances running Linux) in case you do not intend to install the application using AWS API tools or you have neither IAM AWS role, nor IAM AWS access keys that grant you rights to install applications on the relevant instances. In this case, make sure that the devices in your cloud segment meet the conditions listed in the "Forced deployment through the remote installation task of Kaspersky Security Center” section. Kaspersky Security Center installs applications on its own, without involving AWS API.
  7. If you selected IAM AWS access key, in the window that opens provide Kaspersky Security Center with a key that grants you rights to install applications on the relevant devices. You can provide multiple keys by clicking the Add button for each new one.

The task for remote installation of the application appears in the list of tasks in the workspace of the Tasks folder.

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