Checking configuration

To check whether Kaspersky Security Center 10 is properly configured for work in a cloud environment:

  1. In the console tree, select Managed devices\AWS.
  2. When viewing any of the subgroups in the Managed devices\AWS group, make sure that the Devices tab displays all instances of that subgroup.
  3. Make sure that the Policies tab has active policies for the following applications:
    • Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent
    • Kaspersky Security for Windows Server
    • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux
  4. Make sure that the Tasks tab lists the following tasks:
    • Find vulnerabilities and required updates
    • Install protection for Windows
    • Install protection for Linux

If any of these conditions is not met, please make sure that all your instances are visible in the network, and then start the Cloud Environment Configuration Wizard manually.

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