Main application window

Open the main application window

Purpose of the main application window

In the main window of Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can view information about your computer protection status, File Anti-Virus and Web Anti-Virus status, progress of virus scans, and recommendations on how to improve the protection of your Mac.

In the main application window, you can also do the following:

Controls of the main application window

The main application window includes the following controls:

The protection status indicator signals the current computer protection status:

In addition to the protection status indicator, the right pane of the main application window describes the computer protection status and displays the latest computer security issues and threats reported by Protection Center along with the latest Kaspersky news and recommendations.

You can perform the following actions by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the window:

Open the Scan window to run Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan.

Open the Privacy window to customize your privacy settings and check your accounts.

Open the Hard Disk Health Monitor window to examine the state of your hard disks.

Open the Kaspersky Safe Kids window (in Family package only).

Open the Home Network window to examine devices in your home Wi-Fi network.

You can perform the following actions by clicking the buttons in the bottommost pane of the window:

<My Kaspersky account>

Open the window where you can go to the My Kaspersky website or sign out of My Kaspersky.

Open the Licensing window where you can view the information about your subscription.

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