About database and application module updates

The installation package of Kaspersky Security Cloud includes databases and application modules. Using these databases:

To get full protection, we recommend updating the databases and application modules as soon as the application has been installed.

Databases and program modules are updated in stages:

  1. Kaspersky Security Cloud starts updating databases and application modules according to the specified settings: automatically, on schedule, or on demand. The application contacts an update source that stores a database and application module update package.
  2. Kaspersky Security Cloud compares the existing databases with the databases available at the update source. If the databases are different, Kaspersky Security Cloud downloads the missing parts of the databases.

The application then uses the updated databases and application modules to scan the computer for viruses and other threats.

You can use the following update sources:

Updates of databases and application modules are subject to the following restrictions and specifics:

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