About security news

Every day, the world is seeing more and more mass theft of passwords, hacking of databases, and online banking fraud. Kaspersky security news provides fresh information about such crimes and helps you prevent situations in which you could become a victim of hackers. To make sure that the security news you receive is specifically relevant for you, Kaspersky Security Cloud analyzes information about the resources you visit and the apps that you run. This information is used only for the purpose of selecting news that may be important or interesting to you.

Security news is displayed in the Notification Center together with other news from Kaspersky. Security news notifications appear in the taskbar notification area. Notification windows contain the news header and a brief recommendation on resolving the problem described in the news.

Depending on the severity level, news can be of the following types:

If a notification about security news appears on the screen, you can proceed to the full text of the news by clicking the Details button in the pop-up window, or you can close the pop-up window. You can view the full text of news at any time by selecting the relevant news in the Notification Center news list.

If you do not want to receive security news on a specific device, you can disable the display of news in Kaspersky Security Cloud. If you do not want to receive news on any of your devices, you can disable the receipt of news on My Kaspersky.

Security news is not displayed during the first hour of operation of Kaspersky Security Cloud after it is installed.

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