How to select a suitable virtual server

To select a suitable virtual server:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. In the VPN server drop-down list, select a region and a city. If you want the application to select the fastest server, select Fastest (available only in the Unlimited version).
  3. You can also select a virtual server that is most suitable for your purposes. To do so, click the button with the relevant category and select one of the available regions from the list:
    • For streaming. If you want to watch movies or online streams on popular streaming services (for example, Netflix).
    • For torrenting. If you want to download files from online storage or a torrent.
    • For extra stability. If you cannot select a server that would successfully establish a Kaspersky VPN connection.

In the Free version of the application, you cannot select a region or city. Only automatic selection of the region and city is available (Free server).

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